Research at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technologies

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technologies at the University of Rostock is the leading research institution in its field within the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Currently, its 21 professors together with more than 250 employees are pushing forward research with considerable importance for modern society and its capability to cope with future challanges. Our central research fields are derived from the faculty's mission statement and are defined by four focal areas: Energy, Mobility, Maritime Technology, and Biomedical Technology.

To achieve these research goals, the faculty has insitutes with expertise in Energy Technology, Fluid Mechanics, Maritime Systems, Production Engineering, Mechatronics, Propulsion Technology, Applied Mechanics, Materials Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering.

The research mission of the faculty aims to develop the technological foundations of a sustainable and resilient society. To this end, experimental research as well as modeling of technical-scientific systems is pursued at the individual chairs. The objects of investigation cover the entire technologically relevant spectrum: from microstructures in technical components to large structures in shipbuilding.